Concert Etiquette

Making a Concert Enjoyable for All

The performance you are about to enjoy represents the culmination of many hours of hard work by our students. In an effort to provide the best performance environment for our students, and the audience members around you, please follow these concert etiquette practices.

A Good Audience Member

  • Does not take any flash photography
  • Does not take any video. Video recording is stricly prohibited. See Concert Videos for how to get recordings.
  • Refrains from talking while music is being performed
  • Turns off cell phones and pagers during the performance
  • Shows their appreciation by applauding at the end of the performance (Whistling and yelling are for outdoor activities)
  • Quietly escorts young children who are disruptive out of the auditorium
  • Remains seated during the entire performance
  • Listens to all the groups performing in the concert
  • Enters and exits through the back doors of the auditorium
  • Waits until applause begins to leave or return to his or her seat
  • Remains silent between movements of a piece of music
  • Keeps feet off auditorium seats and walls
  • Leaves food and drink outside the auditorium