About Us

What Are We About?

West Ottawa Music Boosters is a non-profit organization that works to promote the Music Department and enhance the music education of West Ottawa students. It touches the lives of more than 1,750 middle and high school students who are involved in a variety of band, orchestra, and choir classes.

In recent years, many of these groups have distinguished themselves by winning awards and top ratings at local, regional and state music festivals.

The West Ottawa Music Boosters operate through these By-Laws.

West Ottawa Music Boosters By-Laws

Who Are the West Ottawa Music Boosters?

You are! If you have a child or know a child in any of West Ottawa’s 38 band, orchestra or choir classes and ensembles or are just interested in supporting the music program, then congratulations, You are a Music Booster.

Here is the good news! There is no membership fee! You are only asked that you lend your time and support. For specific volunteer information, please check out the Information section of our website.

Booster activities are run by dedicated volunteers who organize fundraisers to support the music program and assist in the smooth operation of West Ottawa’s many music performances and events. We also usher at concerts, chaperone at parades, Festivals and events. We clap enthusiastically and stand behind all West Ottawa music students in any way possible.