Music Education

Your Child's Music Education

Studies have shown that students who take music classes have more success academically. In particular, math and reading are improved by learning rhythms and decoding musical notes and symbols. Music students on average score higher on college entrance exams and receive more academic honors than students with no musical training.

Clearly, music education can enhance student's academic success. Even more important, taking part in music classes and performances benefits students by boosting self-esteem and social skills. Students become a part of a positive, collaborative group. They learn the value and joy of practice, self-discipline, creativity, and teamwork. These lessons will last a lifetime.

West Ottawa students have the added bonus of having a first-rate music program and teachers. Recently, West Ottawa High School was one of only 19 music programs in the nation to be named a Grammy Foundation Signature School.

As Music Booster parents, we are proud to help continue this high level of music education for our children. Please join us and help by volunteering (see the Information section on this website).

Thank You for being a West Ottawa Music Booster Parent! We can't do this without you! If you have any questions please contact Julie Marroquin at